Wednesday, 2 March 2016

A consistently brilliant band...

Ever since I was a young boy, I played the silver not...sorry I've been listening to The Who again.  Can't beat a bit of Daltrey, Townshead, Entwistle and Moon.  That's The Who and not a firm of solicitors incidently.

Recently I had the pleasure of seeing British blues rockers Thunder for the 4th time and out of the many bands I have seen over the years they keep getting better.  The first time I saw them was way back in 1990 at the Oxford Apollo on their first headlining tour.  They had just released their classic "Backstreet Symphony" album, which still sounds fresh and vibrant all these years later, whilst enjoying success with a number of Top 40 chart singles.  I then saw them purely by chance a few years later when one of my University flat mates begged me to go with her to see Bon Jovi at the old Cardiff Arms Park in 1995.  Whilst I haven't really liked anything by Bon Jovi since their "Slippery when wet" album I went along to not only make my friend happy, but more importantly because Van Halen were one of their support acts.  We missed the first support act (who I can't remember anyway), but 3rd on the bill was Thunder who delivered another fantastic set.

It was to be another 13 years before I saw them again when they were on a triple bill with Def Leppard and Whitesnake at the Cardiff International Arena in 2008.  Thunder blew both bands away, although I did enjoy hearing "Animal" by Def Leppard and "Still of the night" by Whitesnake. Whitesnake's lead singer David Coverdale's teeth glow in the dark by the way, but I digress.

I jumped at the chance a few months ago to meet up with one of my friends to see them again, even if I did get delayed en route to central Bristol a few weeks ago.  Having missed the first support act King King, I got there in time to see Terrorvision and got to hear the only songs I know by them namely "Oblivion" and "Alice, what's the matter?"  I was always aware of Terrorvision as they always seemed to be on late night music programmes on the TV when I was up writing essays at Uni. Thunder once more did a perfect gig and Danny Bowes voice still sounds as great now as when I heard Thunder back in 1990.  Hopefully it won't be another five years until I seem them play again.

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