Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Football specials.....

When I first started watching Cardiff City on my own I always used to travel to games by train.  Rather conveniently there is a station called Ninian Park (pictured) which is located just behind our now demolished former stadium. I am watery eyed seeing the picture of the Bob Bank roof in the background.  I love Cardiff City Stadium, but I really miss Ninian Park and especially the Bob Bank.

The station itself is still open and many supporters still use it to get to Cardiff City Stadium, which is literally just across the road from our former home.  I remember Saturday afternoons being stood on jam packed trains full of City fans en route from Cardiff Central (a mere 5 minutes ride away).  During successful seasons it was very difficult to move on board and when the team was particularly unsuccessful during the mid 1990's, I remember one fan making the joke that crowds had dropped to the point where we might need to pay on the train soon!  I always paid before I get accused of fare dodging.  Over recent years I have driven to games instead, but the above picture brings back fond memories of pre match excitement, pints in the now closed Ninian Park pub and the joy and pain of watching Cardiff City over the years.  Cardiff City have remained as one of my lifelong passions and I can't wait to see another game some time in the future.

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