Wednesday, 11 May 2016

My new, old favourite band

Many years ago, the late Alan Freeman used to present a show on Radio 1 called "The Saturday Rock Show".  During one of his shows I heard a track by Be Bop Deluxe (pictured left) which I then forgot about for a few years.  It wasn't because the track was bad, in fact it was a great song ("Maid in Heaven") , but by the early 90's I had drifted away from rock and had started listening to indie and grunge bands instead.

Over the last couple of years I received a CD called "100 Rock hits" and on the CD's were two of Be Bop Deluxe's most well known songs namely "Maid in Heaven" and "Ships in the night".  It suddenly occurred to me what a great band they once were and last Christmas I received a boxed set including their "Axe Victim", "Sunburst Finish", "Drastic Plastic", "Modern Music" and "Futurama" albums.  Needless to say their back catalogue is packed with many great songs including "Fair Exchange", "Sister Seagull" and the incredibly catchy "Rocket Cathedrals".  Just like Budgie they are another band that should have been more successful than they were, but thankfully singer/guitarist Bill Nelson is still writing and performing live.  He is a very talented songwriter and I think I will be listening to Be Bop's albums for some time to come.

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