Thursday, 28 April 2016

Farewell, Caerleon Campus....

Back in the day (well, the mid 1990's to be specific) I studied at the University of Wales College, Newport (U.W.C.N).  It was a largely happy time for me and I enjoyed the three years that I spent studying there (and the very tasty Chicken Mayonnaise sandwiches in the Uni restaurant too!)  As a result of this period of time, Caerleon and especially the University campus will always have a place in my heart.  I learnt a lot about myself as well as the subjects of English, Philosophy and Religious Studies which has continued to shape the way I look at the world today.  I also enjoyed many fun evenings in Caerleon itself visiting The Drovers Arms and The White Hart pubs.

Over the last year I have signed up to a campaign on Twitter to prevent the closure and sale of Caerleon Campus.  Sadly the University of South Wales has decided to close it and all teaching at the campus will cease in a few weeks time.  The plan is for the site to be redeveloped into housing, which would have a major effect on Caerleon as a whole. Like many other former students here I am very sad to see Caerleon campus go as it was a big part of my life and just like Ninian Park it could be another part of my history that disappears for good.