Thursday, 1 June 2017

Oh I do love to be beside the Seaside....

I've always had an affinity with the sea and I enjoy visiting coastal towns and resorts whenever I get the chance to.  During my recent holiday to Malaysia I had the chance to visit Port Dickson (pictured left), which is around an hour and a half's drive south from Kuala Lumpur.  Port Dickson is a reasonably quiet seaside town and resort with views of the Malacca straits, which is one of Asia's busiest shipping lanes.  I really enjoyed my first trip there and I can now add Port Dickson to one of the places I have visited along with Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and Malacca in 2014.  I liked how peaceful it was and the beautiful scenery made it a place to remember for me. There are other places I would like to visit in Malaysia on future trips such as Ipoh and Penang, but I would happily return to Port Dickson if the opportunity arose in the future.

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