Thursday, 1 June 2017

Railways revived....

I am a keen follower of preserved or heritage railways and I tend to get rather excited when lines are extended or stations are rebuilt.  I have mentioned in recent posts the fantastic work being undertaken on the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway's extension to Broadway.  Since my last post they have surpassed their fundraising target and are confident of trains returning to the town by next year.  They have also completed the rebuilding of Hayles Abbey Halt, which is due to officially reopen next Monday.

Another railway that I follow is the Helston Railway Preservation Society.  They were founded in 2002  with the aim of reopening as much of the former Gwinear Road to Helston branch as possible.  The original line was one of many that succumbed to Dr Beeching's axe in the 1960's and despite some redevelopment in places such as Praze and at Helston, the middle section between Nancegollan and the outskirts of Helston looks feasible. Today's picture shows progress being made on the new station at Truthall Halt.  Completely rebuilt by volunteers once completed the line will have two stations at either end of the line at both Prospidnick and Truthall.  I have yet to travel on this line but I look forward to travelling on the line in the future and especially when the line extends further south over the Cober Viaduct in one of the next phases.

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